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Day 5- 100 days of Giving!

Dear Demi Lovato,

I'm not sure if this song is for real, some people are really good actors but anyway I want you to know this song was my cry 12 years ago. I could remember feeling SO lost and SO alone and SO heartbroken and getting down on my knees, begging and praying to God that he send me SOMEONE! I remember that feeling of wanting to die. I traveled to New Zealand and was sky diving drunk and bungie jumping drunk, I didn't care but looking back now I know God was taking care of me, Just like I know he's taking care of you!

After that one night of feeling like I was having a heart attack I said ok God, I'm done crying what do you want me to do? In that moment I felt like I was done doing things my way and I asked him to please guide me. At this point in my life I couldn't hear God yet it was just feelings. Those feelings were to immediately stop doing what I was doing which was the partying, the drinking and the searching for something or someone. Right away I felt better, a few weeks went by and I was feeling pretty good about myself. I was working out and doing better in school and hanging out with my family as much as possible. I even thought about being a cop and started getting in shape to go through the process. It was FUN! Then I got a facebook request from a really cute guy. I thought to myself, whatever, I'll accept I'm not looking for anyone anyway. Then I got a message from this cute guy and I thought, doesn't hurt to talk to him. Then after writing back and forth for an hour, he asked me on a date..... Long story short I was done searching however I wasn't done living! I went on a date that night with this cutie but had absolutely no expectations.

What I didn't know was that God heard my prayer, he sent me Andrew who has been my husband now for 10 years. Andrew was that someone I was asking for who would never leave me, be my best friend but MOST importantly teach me about God and the ways of Jesus Christ! All this took me humbling myself and changing up what I was doing so God could bless me.

He hears your cry just like he heard mine. If you were in Albuquerque I would take you to coffee and talk more with you! Don't forget how important you are not according to the worlds standards but more importantly in GODS eyes. God bless you Demi! Your sister from another mister!

Robyn Christian-

#100daysofgiving #stopselfishness #Godsgirl


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