• Robyn Christian

Day 4- 100 days of Giving!

So sometimes I get prayer requests, if someone ever asks me "would you please pray for......" I usually do it right than and there because I feel the Power of Prayer is so strong and God loves to hear from his children. However I just want you to know if you already don't, that God wants to hear from each and every one of us individually. He's known us all from the foundation of the Earth. He hears our cries, he knows our desires and has a plan for us all. So when you ask me to pray for you, of course ill pray for you with all my heart but just realize that God wants to hear from you!!!

I learned a long time ago that God wants a relationship with all of us and he's the perfect father. We all have a wonderful opportunity to build that relationship. Today I did many things, but I had the opportunity to pray for people that were on my heart and also who asked for prayers. My prayer was that they could build their own special relationship with the father, so that the problems they were facing could be solved by going directly to God. Anyone can go to another person for advise or prayers but the only one that truly knows your heart and what you need is God.

Don't get me wrong I love praying, because I know Gods listening and he delivers on his time (THE RIGHT TIME) but there's nothing like that special relationship with the father himself. If you're reading this and wondering how to even start a relationship with the father, I suggest finding a time during the day that is completely not distracted, meditate and speak in tongues. Watch how God starts speaking to you. If you don't believe me try it for yourself! You have nothing to lose!

Have a blessed day!

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