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Day 3- 100 days of Giving!

So today I got this message from my little buddy Sierra Rose, an aspiring singer from Albuquerque New Mexico. She sent me a text that had a video of her singing and a simple caption that said "You Inspire Me" WHOA!!!! Lets just take a step back for a second... This girl has a serious voice, with a whole boat load of potential and I inspire her?

To me theres no better feeling than the feeling of helping someone out and seeing them succeed. It's amazing to have a gift that God has given you and share it with others. We live in a world where the majority of people think there can only be ONE winner. Thats simply not true because God says we're ALL winners through Christ Jesus. I have a new song that pops up in my head every morning now and it goes like this...... "Who can I bless, Who can I bless today....." LOL :) This is in my cheerleader singing voice BTW.

This is the third day I've been giving my time, my love, my talents, and thinking how can I bless someone today. Although it's sometimes hard to see results right away, I already feel no more knot inside my stomach, I feel more positivity and hardly any bad thoughts. It's awesome!!!!

Martin Luther King said "life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?"

Have a wonderful day and stay tuned!!!

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