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Day 2- 100 days of Giving!

Well I'll be gosh darned, who knew that NOT being a selfish asshole was actually a good way to heal depression. Today was wonderful! I had not one bad feeling in my body, not one bad thought about someone, not one terrible knot in my stomach or feeling of not wanting to do something! It was awesome!!!!

Today I got my butt up out of bed early, along with my two babes Andrew&Alina and we headed to the UNM pediatrics hospital to visit a friend that had her baby early, Baby Alex came at 24 weeks to be exact. Oh he's SO cute though! Today I got to see an angel and what a terrible missed opportunity that would have been if I decided I needed to stay in bed!!! I'm so glad I decided that visiting that baby was more important than whatever I thought I needed.

Don't get me wrong I'm all about resting when you need to, but then again time is so precious and I heard a pastor say once "You can rest when you die!" lol SO TRUE! The rest of the day was cake! I went to fellowship and was probably more loving to people than ever before! During this process my babies got to come with me and see their mama having a wonderful day.

If there's anything about life lessons, its that they are learned through example and what better way to teach my babies about thinking of others! So far so good!!!! Stay tuned!!! #100daysofgiving #stopselfishness #Godsgirl

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