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Day 1- 100 Days of Giving!

Today is Day 1 of this new thing I'm doing called being a better person! Lol this year I just want to be a happier, better, less selfish person. I figured if I'm thinking of someone else during the day besides myself it would help with this slump I'm in. I have this awesome husband Andrew who always seems to be happy and the one thing I notice he ALWAYS does is think of others and how he can bless/ help them. Its almost annoying, but then again who's more annoying me the complainer or him the freakin male version of Princess Poppy???

Anyway I'm going to think of someone else besides myself for 100 days and maybe make this a habit in the process. Today was awesome! Today I started small and didn't say no to a friend and had coffee! It was a beautiful thing to make time for someone instead of making an excuse as to why (I) didn't need to have coffee. I know this process is going to take time and of course I'm going to start small, you don't just go to the gym and start power lifting, you start with maybe some cardio and all some small weights right? Well same thing with changing the way you think, start with the people God has put right in front of you.

We're not meant to save the world, Jesus already did that, I personally just want to be happy! Not the happy that comes from the perfect family, dream car, paid off house, awesome clothes, or amazing vacations which I have, those are temporary highs.I want the happiness that Jesus had which is peace!!!!! Jesus served just as my hubby serves so I think there's something in doing that. Someone once said helping others is almost selfish in itself because when you help and think of others, it makes YOU feel good! I'm not only talking about serving your family, I mean blessing people for no other reason than to just do it and expect nothing!

This shall be interesting! I'm excited and I hope this becomes a habit and just something I do naturally! #100daysofgiving #Stopselfishness #Godsgirl

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