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Genesis Music Video behind the scenes.

Hello Everyone!!!

If you don't know, well here you go I'm an Independent Music Artist from Albuquerque New Mexico. I wanted to share with you my behind the scenes video for my new Music Video Genesis. First of all words can't express the gratitude I have for the people that help make this possible, so I'm going to start with God who has had is hand in my life my whole life. He has guided me to become a singer and sing as I would like to say "with a purpose".

Next is of course my family who's always there for me at the drop of a hat, my husband Andrew my mom, dad, mother in law and two father in laws, I'm blessed to have a lot of support in that area. As I've gotten older I've realized the value of family and how priceless they truly are.

I'd like to recognize Dark Road Pictures Mando Hernandez, Tamas Nadas and the whole Dark Road crew were exceptional and second to none, true professionals. I have to thank the people at Donut Mart, Tahir Gauba, Gauba family for providing breakfast, coffee and goodies for the crew. Patrick Sena at Tower Event Center for providing decor for the video.

Olivia Lujan Thompson at Liv's Good Nutrition for allowing us to film at her place, it was truly a blessing because her place had everything we needed for that day. Mark Aragon at Ma2 Media and Alejandro Marentes at Buggs Photography for providing the behind the scenes footage and photography. Mauva Gacitua, K-Bobby Edgar and Vikki Jiron for my wardrobe, style and make-up! They are wonderful to work with! My amazing dancers Vincent Chavez, Theresa Knudson and Alina Christian-Jaramillo who danced their hearts out! Rick Jiron for providing support and more behind the scenes footage!

This Video would not have been made possible without all these amazing people who worked to make it happen! I am FOREVER grateful! I can't wait for the final product to be done and I hope you enjoy the behind the scenes video! Check it out!!! Remember to get my Album SMILE at any digital store or here on my website!

God bless!

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