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Never stop chasing your dreams.

So this past weekend I had the privilege of Singing the National Anthem at a local event in Albuquerque. This event was the 7th annual Matanza for Michael Padilla who is a local Senator in Albuquerque New Mexico. I've watched this event grow from a tiny event to over 2,100 people this year. I've had the honor of singing the anthem at this event for the last 7 years, however this year I was blessed with singing it side by side my little son Drew. Drew is only five years old but has more talent in his little finger than I probably will ever have. I'm not a stage mom I PROMISE but when I see my children showing interest in something I run with it.

Anyway as some of you reading this know I am a singer and always have been. I never really stopped having this passion even when I went on to college, got married and had two children. In fact when I had my children I stopped working to stay at home with my babies and because of that it had lead me down a whole new path. I always say that God will always lead you where you need to be because in my case that's exactly what happened. I had one baby and than two and while what seemed like forever till the time I would finally get back to work and go on with my career turned into a blink of an eye. Drew is now in Kindergarten and Alina is about to start pre-k after the Holidays.

It's crazy to think how much has changed in the last 5 years of my life, watching my babies grow and starting my new career as a Christian Artist. Well the whole point I'm trying to get to in this blog is that I never stopped having a passion for myself. I love singing and performing and in doing this my little babies are watching me and have even started emulating me. My children Andrew and Alina watch me sing the National Anthem all the time and to my surprise when I heard Drew singing it one day I was SO blessed. So I decided when I get a gig my children are going to be right there with me.

If God put a dream or passion in your heart pursue it and have no fear, in doing so you never know who you might inspire.

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