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Diner En Blanc- 5 tips


So I went to incredible, fun event last week and of course posted about it on Social Media. Everyone sees my beautiful pictures of my husband and I in white and eating a fancy dinner and lit up sparklers, dancing etc. What you don't know is a lot of planning especially if you're a first timer going into this event. The thrill begins once you're set up and ready to go, however I did get a few questions about it so here are 5 quick tips that'll make your Diner En Blanc experience super fun!

1. If you're not registered get registered on the Diner En Blanc website Hopefully your city hosts this event, if not there might be a city close to you. Once you're registered there will be emails sent to you on the following steps you need to take.

2. Can you say TABLE!!!!! Wow I guess I took it for granted but if you don't have the specific size table they're asking you to bring ahead of time it's an endeavor to try and find one the week of. The table size we needed was a 28' to 32' table size. It's not hard to find actually you just go on amazon and there it is, however it's not like you can walk into the store the night of and buy one, at least not in my experience. So order your table ahead of time. Its small and very easy to carry when you're transporting everything.

3. Less is more. So some people had pretty elaborate set ups however I'm a little more of a simple but elegant type person. So if you don't know, at Diner En Blanc you have the option to take your own dinner or purchase it ahead of time and get it when you get there. Same with Alcohol, they send you emails about buying the alcohol they provide on the online store. I chose to bring my own dinner but I brought way to much. We barely got passed the appetizers and I was full. Another mistake I made was putting it in huge Tupperware so although we had our stuff packed tight, I feel I could of packed less to make it easier for my hubby to carry around ;). So remember think small with the table, chairs, and the packaging of your food and drinks.

4. Ladies! Where comfy shoes lol. It's an elegant event but it's also a social event where you are walking around, taking lots of pics, talking and even dancing. The dinner is just one part of it and there's a lot going on so make the experience more fun by getting you some blinged up flats.

5. Last but not least, BE ON TIME!!!! When they tell you to be at the buses at a certain time, be there 15 minutes earlier. The reason is because traffic might be bad plus you have to get your stuff on the bus, check in and you don't want to make people wait. Actually if you're late you might be lucky if the bus even waits for you. I saw someone get left behind. I felt bad for her!

All in all have a blessed time, prepare and I hope this helps you out a little. God Bless!

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