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My First Blog Post! Yay

In a world where everyone is critical of themselves and others, Its important to remember who you are. Hello everyone my name is Robyn Christian and I am a singer/songwriter, but more importantly I'm a child of God. As far as I can remember I always wanted to be a professional singer and the journey to achieve this goal has forced me to discover who I really am.

Anyone chasing a dream can tell you the difficulties and roadblocks endured which can be disappointing and sometimes the reason for someone to stop their journey. I started my journey at five years old, when I would watch Disney Princess movies such as; Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, and Cinderella. I would mimic the entire movie to include the songs. My mother, JoAnna would watch me and discovered I actually had a good voice. Before you knew it My parents would have me singing and performing for the most important people in my life, My family. I loved being at center stage at my grandparents home performing and it is those times that helped me discover my calling/dream.

While chasing my dream, it took to me to stages such as opening for local artist and singing the National Anthem for numerous events including the 2004 National Democratic Convention in Boston, Massachusetts. I have won competitions and received awards, but along the way I felt something missing. I started to travel and meet new people, but know matter what I did, I couldn't find anything to fill the void in my heart. In 2008 I met my husband Andrew who took me to church for our second date. Right, church for a date, who does that lol? We began to have deep conversations about God and I remember hearing a teaching about, "Who are you," by Rafael, Andrew's stepdad. The teaching stated that I was a child of God and only he can fill voids of the heart. I was like, what, is he reading my mind? I began to ask questions and learn how to pray in the Spirit. At a time where I was willing to give up my dreams, I started to hear God talk to me and reveal the plans he has for me with the gift of singing.

The confidence I received in knowing I am a child of God has allowed me to really enjoy my life's journey of chasing my dream. Before, it was hard and it seemed like I could never do enough. But today I chose to live life like MY HOT NEW SINGLE "Dance It Out!" Be sure to buy my new single!

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